Price Negotiations
Our main aim is to update our customers and counterparts about the development of textile world markets and provide them help of our strong negotiation skill. We through our extensive global network help and guide our customers to buy high quality at fair price after a strong negotiation.


  • Is fast, time saving & direct from the mills because of close relation.

  • Is correct as it is arranged as per technical specification requirement of end use.

  • Is also available of regular demanded products with our counterparts.

Quality Control
Quality control managed by our own staff in producing units according to our set standards and reporting where quality is produced not controlled. Click for details

Production Control
We ask our buyer to fill a form OS.pdf (62.8kb) immediately after order confirmation to provide us with exact requirement of quality including fibre type, end use, packing etc. This information enables us to ensure the quality produced same as desired.

We only work with modern mills to ensure the contamination controlled. Even though our specialty is to inspect the quality of each container. We inspect at both earlier stage of the production and after the completion. Click for details

Delivery Control 
We regularly tracking with the plant to ensure production & deliveries are on time.

Reports and Documents
We provide the following reports & documents from our side:  

Inspection Report Inspection Certificate

Providing full test result of the quality inspected by our authorized person

This certificate is a token of stuffing the container, if quality is approved.

IR.pdf  (65.7KB) IC.pdf (46.5KB)
Shipment Advice  Order Specifications

Providing full shipment details on dispatch including ETA, ETD, vessel details etc.

Exact requirement of quality including fibre type, end use, packing etc.

SA.pdf (55.7KB) OS.pdf (62.8KB)

If you do not have adobe acrobat reader please download here >>>

Download Latest Version of Acrobat Reader

If you cannot download the file or downloaded file is not readable for any reason please feel free to write us along with the name of the desired file to enable us to send you the file via e-mail.  

Order Confirmation Terms.

  • All commercial dealing is directly between buyer and seller. 

  • We prefer payment term Letter of credit by int'l reputed bank.

  • We arrange Sale Contract signed and stamped by both parties.

  • Supplier provide the Performa invoice for L/c. 

  • Buyer open the L/c after confirming the application copy to avoid amendments


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