Quality control managed by our own staff in producing units. They inspect according to order specifications and our set standards and reporting where quality is produced not controlled.

All yarn coming out of the spinning units should be 100% quality controlled and inspected. In respect to defects and defect codes the produced material should be as FIRST QUALITY for shipment or SECOND QUALITY for refusal/non-shipment.

We only work with modern spinning mills to ensure the contamination to be controlled. Even though our specialty is to inspect the quality of each container. We inspect at both earlier stage of production and after the production.

We take cones for testing during the production before and after conditioning. If we found quality not suitable we immediately reject and ask our supplier to reproduce to avoid big damage. 

We also take cones for testing from randomly selected cartons after the completion of production. We check the quality to ensure the exact quality supplied to our buyers consistently. 

We always ask buyers to put the inspection clause in the L/c. We provide the inspection certificate as a token of stuffing the container, if the quality produced is approved as per our inspection. 

We agree that we cannot check all the cones and also accepted our competitor’s comments that the above randomly testing process doesn’t eliminate the risk of quality but we trust it certainly minimize the damage and ensure the consistent quality.

Our inspection covers not only to inspect the material but also try to improve the quality all the times. Our inspection in spinning covers the following part:

  • Raw Cotton Testing
     (Staple Length, Uniformity Ratio, Fiber Strength, Micronair, Elongation etc.)

  • Yarn Testing
     (Count, Twist, Strength, Elongation, Evenness, Hairiness etc.)

  • Plant & Machinery Inspection
    (Blow–Room, Carding, Draw–Frame, Combing, Speed-Frame, Ring-Frame, Winding, Conditioning etc.)

  • Package Inspection
    (Cone Weight, Pig Tail Length, Cone Size, Cone Making, Cone Angle, Length of the yarn, Winding, Shipping Marks, Quality of Cones/Cartons/Pallets, Stuffing etc.) 

You can download here full details of the above chapter:

Raw Cotton Testing Yarn Testing
RCT.pdf (104KB) YT.pdf (144KB)
Plant & Machinery Inspection  Package Inspection
PMI.pdf (80.4KB) PI.pdf (57.3KB)

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If you cannot download the file or downloaded file is not readable for any reason please feel free to write us along with the name of the desired file to enable us to send you the file via e-mail.  


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