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As you know the major problems of cotton yarns are its hairiness and strength. We are offering you the solution EliTe®Compact Yarns. Our suppliers are equipped with Suessen Elite Spinning (Germany) for Long and Short Staple Fibres.

We can offer :

  • 100% Cotton Combed EliTe®Compact Yarns

  • Count Range is Ne 20/1 to Ne 80/1

  • Yarns can be offered from various Indian, Giza, Supima, Acala cottons

  • Yarns can we offered for both knitting and weaving purpose.

Genuine condensed or compact yarns are substantially superior to conventional ring yarns. You must be aware that Suessen has developed the new EliTe®CompactSet, the modernization of ring spinning machines with the SUESSEN EliTe®Compact Spinning System. It is a compact spinning technique that can be used universally for all raw materials and raw material blends, as well as for the complete count range without restriction.  


These are the few advantages of EliTe®Compact Yarns

  • It is often possible to replace classical two-ply yarns by single EliTe®Yarns or conventional combed yarns by carded EliTe®Yarns.

  • Sizing can be completely or partially dispensed with. The same can be said about singeing.

  • If the strength of the conventional yarn is sufficient for the intended application, using the EliTe® technology will allow a reduction of twist by approximately 20%. This means a softer yarn, increased production and reduced energy consumption.

  • Fabric handle becomes softer, print definition more brilliant due to better dye uptake, pilling resistance, luster and strength increase. And, last but not least, whenever the properties of conventional ring yarn are fully sufficient for the desired use, EliTe®Yarn can be spun from a less expensive raw material.

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